The Perfect Place to Watch Your Philadelphia Eagles

In Philly? There is no better place in the city to watch your very own Philadelphia Eagles. Offering up a high-end atmosphere for all fans alike in an upscale environment with all of your favorite cocktails and food.

Philadelphia has numerous sports bars to keep everyone in the mood with live DJs, dancing, games, bowling, and more.

Why Should you Come Watch the Game at Your Favorite Bar?

Home of your very own Philadelphia Eagles!

Philadelphia sports fans are some of the most passionate fans you’ll ever be around. You can’t get this type of feeling sitting in your house with a few friends. It takes more than just a handful of people to make it feel like you’re really part of something special.

You’re more than welcome to watch other games on other TV’s, but this is an Eagles city, it’ll be all green all day!

Do you have a large group?

Do you really want to ruin your house with your maniac football friends? No, no one is trying to clean up after that mess of 25 of your closest friends, especially if the beer and cocktails are flowing.

Ever have a large group, but not enough space for everyone to watch comfortably? You won’t have that issue at Rec Room. Everyone will have enough space and comfortability to enjoy the game however you see fit.

Food and Beverage For Everyone

There is nothing worse than showing up to a party, no beer or liquor you like, the food isn’t quite something you were interested in. If you’re the host, you’re never going to make everyone happy and provide what everyone wants, make it easier on yourself, come to Rec & Royal. We will make your preparation a breeze with our VIP hosting team.

Some people might want a beer, some people might want cocktails, are you going to go around buying up everything everyone wants to make a perfect party or are you going to let the Rec & Royal team make your life a little easier.

You are able to take full advantage of all our specialty cocktails from your classic old fashioned to our very own CBD infused specialty cocktails. Also our full bar with all of your favorite spirits and beers everyone knows and loves. Not interested in drinking alcohol but still not feeling left out? Try one of our “Zero Proof” specialty cocktails.


There is nothing worse than having your friends over and not being able to keep up with servicing them. Coming to your favorite bar alleviates all of that for you, sit back relax and enjoy the game, let us do the dirty work.

In between each quarter and half time, there is always that friend who needs to get up and go to the bathroom, get another snack, go talk on the phone, etc. we all have those friends or we’ve been that annoying friend. Climbing over your friends, going up and down the stairs, waiting ten minutes in line for a drink then another ten for a pretzel is just a hassle no one wants to deal with anymore. Come out to your favorite bar and let them handle it all for you.

Expenses of going to a game

Try going to a game with a group of friends and spending less than a couple of thousand dollars, good luck! Coming to Rec & Royal and making it home with your wallet still intact, is a huge advantage coming our way. After buying tickets, parking pass, tailgate items and that are just the start of it. Once you get inside the game, don’t forget about the beers and everything you’ll buy.

Not worrying about how to get to the game or where you’re going to park to tailgate makes life a whole lot easier on yourself and your group. Don’t be that guy or girl fighting and stressing the small stuff on game day.

The Elements

Going to a game is always a nice experience once in a while, something that can’t be repeated over and over again. You never know what the weather is going to be like especially is Philadelphia, one minute it could be nice perfect 70-degree weather, the next it could be 40 and raining or even worse, 30 and snowing. You’ll never again have to worry about planning around the weather and braving the elements again if you sit in your favorite bar where the warmth is.

Viewing The Game

Watching the game live can be very fun, but what happens when you miss a play, you look down for a quick second or you need to run to the bathroom? There is no replay when you’re at a live sporting event. You missed the game-winning touchdown, well guess what, you can watch it over and over again on replay, inside, out of the elements with all of your friends celebrating together. You’ll be able to watch the games with a 360-degree view to never miss a single snap.

Sitting at home watching TV might be a little more loungy and relaxing, but let’s be honest, SIZE DOES MATTER. With the Rec & Royal TV set-up, it will be almost like watching live, but still without all the headaches of going to an actual game. We have a one of a kind custom TV wall behind the DJ booth for every to see in the main room as well as smaller TVs for a more intimate experience.

Being Social

We know not everyone in the age of cell phones and social media has the ability to be social. Our goal is to help combat that, we want people to come in, have a good time, and experience Rec & Royal with everyone. Meeting new people and creating friendships is what we are all about. Try and put the cell phone down and who knows, maybe you’ll meet your future ex-husband or wife.


Entertainment and atmosphere is truly what sets Rec & Royal apart from the rest, it’s not your everyday sports bar or lounge to watch a game. If you’re bored of the game, come play skee ball, not into that, come play air hockey, we have a little something for everyone. When you’re at Rec & Royal you’re not just coming to watch a game as much as you are coming for an experience. You can’t get it at the stadium or in your own home.

We don’t just show the game, we create a party. The DJ during Eagles games will be performing for the commercials and halftime all of your favorite music from the sounds we all grew up on to what you hear today. Outside of the Eagles game, the DJ performs all day and night to keep the party atmosphere alive.

Places to Watch the Eagles in Philadelphia

Lincoln Financial Field

1 Lincoln Financial Field Way
Philadelphia, PA 19148
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Neighborhood: South Philly

Lincoln Financial is the home stadium of the Philadelphia Eagles, one of the nicest stadiums in the country people from all over come to be a part of a special day. A word of advice, if you’re a Cowboys, Giants, or Redskins fan, I’d advise against wearing the jersey of that team, not saying something bad will happen, but there is a chance. Philadelphia Eagle fans are some of the most passionate in the country, but it’s still always a great time.


Parking for the game is simple and easy, there are tons of lots and open parking to get your tail gate on hours before the game begins.


SP+ Parking

120 S 17th St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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1728 Sansom St
Philadelphia, PA 19103
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Another parking option incase SP+ is close you can always go right around the corner about one more block to InterPark.

Xfinity Live

1100 Pattison Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148
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Neighborhood: South Philly
Vibe: Sports Bar, Entertainment

Xfinity Live is a very different experience than you may be used to, for some it may be a bit overwhelming, for others it’s just the right amount of craziness. Just within walking distance of all 3 stadiums, Wells Fargo Stadium, Citizens Bank Park, and Lincoln Financial Field. Xfinity Live also has five different areas to party, dance, and drink while watching the Philadelphia Eagles.

Parking – Xfinity Live Parking is a breeze, there is really not too much to worry about since there are Lots F & G within walking distance. No matter which bar you’re looking to go to parking is luckily something you never have to worry about.

Chickie’s & Pete’s

1526 Packer Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19145
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Neighborhood: South Philly
Vibe: Sports Bar

Chickie’s and Pete’s voted ESPN’s #1 Sports Bar on the East Coast goes back a long way in the history of Philadelphia. Most well known for their Crab Fries, which are are crinkle-cut French fries sprinkled with a secret blend of crabby spices and served with its one-of-a-kind White Creamy Cheese Sauce for dipping.

Since 1977 the Ciarrocchi family has been serving up the neighborhood regulars with a smile on their face. Rapidly growing and expanding the Ciarrocchi family never let the quality suffer due to the expansion to 12 locations.

Parking – Luckily for Chickie’s & Pete’s there is a large parking lot for free. The parking lot is located right in the same complex as the restaurant. No cost, no worries, just enjoy some crab fries!



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